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IT Asset Disposition

Today, a well planned and executed IT asset disposal program is designed to mitigate the risks involving the protection of company data and information while returning significant value back to the organization through the remarketing of their used equipment.

Environmental compliance is a major concern when our client’s equipment is handled and processed. Because of this, Sigma 6 Technologies has vetted our downstream partners to ensure that they follow the same stringent guidelines when processing end-of-life electronic equipment. From collection, packing and shipping, to data destruction, and recycling, Sigma 6 Technologies meets our client’s needs.

Mobile Devices

Sigma 6 Technologies provides strategic mobile buy back services to corporations with fleets cell phones, tablets, and all Microsoft Surface models.  We also work with Business Account Managers of all Tier 1 Wireless Carriers to provide a full suite of services designed to reduce and streamline the workload associated with recycling mobile assets, while returning significant value to help offset the cost of upgrades.

 Our technicians sanitize the data on all devices we receive, using the most advanced software available which meets NIST 800-88, HIPAA and 5220.22-M standards and guidelines.

We also provide specially designed boxes which make the process of packing and shipping devices quick and convenient.

Data Destruction

As an R2 certified ITAD company, we strictly adhere to and follow the most stringent guidelines for data sanitation, NIST 800-88. Our process also meets all HIPAA and DOD 5220.22-M guidelines and standards.

All data bearing equipment entering our facility undergoes a data sanitization process utilizing the most advanced software available. Once the process is completed, we verify that all data has been removed.

If for any reason data cannot be accessed, we will physically destroy the hard drive. In the case of cell phones and tables, the entire device.

We provide fully serialized certificates of destruction which include system configuration information for equipment that has successfully completed the process, as well as for hard drives and devices that have been destroyed.

Packing & Shipping

Sigma 6 Technologies provides a full range of packing and shipping options for our clients. From small box to full chain of custody shipments, we handle the scheduling, logistics and pay all costs associated with executing shipments on behalf of our clients.

We will provide teams at no charge, to perform take-outs and pack equipment for shipment on-site at our client’s locations. We also provide specialized packing materials for our clients that do not require on-site services.


When Sigma 6 Technologies processes end-of-life equipment, it is tracked from our facility downstream to its final destination. This ensures our clients’ equipment meets environmental compliance with EPA, federal, and state regulations and laws. Equipment that we process will never be sent to undeveloped countries or ever make its way into a landfill.

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